We have a large number of items in the museum. These are just a few.

Cheque- to Thomas Cooper signed by Thomas Trow in 1863.jpg

This cheque was written by Thomas Trow in 1863

Assassination poster about assassionation attempt.jpg

We had our own assassination attempt and “Wanted” poster. A reward of £100 was offered. We don’t know if it was ever claimed !

Tudor Shoe 3262 copy.jpg

This shoe was found in Priory Cottage in the 1970’s (the oldest house in Wootton Bassett). It dates back to Tudor times.


These are death medals from WW1 for two local men, James Sly and William Sly .

Map of WB (1886?)DSC_0833

We have lots of maps as well. This one is from the 1880’s and shows the extent of the town back then.