Our previous display (pre lockdown)

The previous display commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day and Wootton Bassett’s involvement in this event.

At this time there was a US Army Mobile Laundry Unit up at the Manor House.

The display is in three parts.

The first shows some of the conditions those soldiers would have endured, the bunk bed and straw mattress. They would have also had some reminders of home, for example pinups and Coca Cola.

Museum Display 1946 7495

Museum Display 1946 7513

The two mannequins represent an officer and an Enlisted Man.

Museum Display 1946 7510.jpg

The railway display shows how the station would have looked in 1944. There is a convoy of trucks leaving town over the bridge. An ambulance is parked outside the Beaufort Arms and coffee and doughnuts are being served to passing troops. There is a train of empty fuel tanks heading west to be refilled and a train of tanks going east to their armoured units.

Museum Display 7643

Museum Glass cabinet 6785

Museum Glass cabinet 6784

The glass cabinets explain the work of various organisation who looked after the welfare of US troops.

Museum Glass cabinet 6790

Museum Glass cabinet 6787

Museum Glass cabinet 6786

There is a sheet describing in more detail the display. Please ask a volunteer for a copy.