If you can’t get to the museum yourself you can see inside in other ways. We have a presence on the internet in a number of places. These places are listed below :-

Use Google or any other search engine to find our website :

Museum web site 

Suggest you search putting “RWBTHM” into Google :

The exact links are below if you prefer :-


Museum Twitter page

Use Google to find us :


Visit Wiltshire web site

Google the “Visit Wiltshire” web site. 

Then search for “Wootton Bassett Museum”. 

YouTube – Museum Videos

Short films about the museum and town.


Wootton Bassett Town Council Web page

There is information about the museum on the Town Council Web site.


Wootton Bassett Town Council Facebook Page

The Council Facebook page is used by us to advertise events.


Google Maps

Find the museum on “Google Maps” then click on the red marker which indicates the museum. This will enable you to see a lot of photos of the museum and some walkthrough tours as well.