We have a large collection of photos in the museum. We have lots of albums to explore and a rolling slideshow as well.

Below are a few of our photos.

WBM 442 - High Street looking at HSBC building small.jpg

The High Street showing Bevirs, The Royal Oak Hotel (since mostly demolished) and the Town hall.

Mascot Cinema WB.jpg

This cinema was in the High Street where Crump’s Butchers shop is now.

RHS529 - Wootton Bassett Market - youngsters looking at camera.jpeg

The cattle market was held in the High Street and stretched a long way down.

Dairy - WBM167 - Station Road before dairy ws built (1902ish?)

Station Road before the dairy was built in 1908.

RHS530 - Aerial shot of the old Unigate dairy

Aerial photo of the dairy prior to the 1984 expansion.


From the collection of dairy photos – Milk collection by churn about 1920 approx.