There have been three Great Western Railway stations in Wootton Bassett.
The first was Wootton Bassett Road (1840-1841) which was some distance from the town, this was replaced by Wootton Bassett railway station (1841-1903) which was then rebuilt as Wootton Bassett Junction (1903-1965) to coincide with a new route to south Wales.

Rail18990000a - Building WB broad guage station small

The Brunel designed station was built in 1841 at Wootton Bassett. The track is broad gauge. The bridge is the one recent altered during the electrification project.

Rail - WBM120 - Laying tracks for broad guage at Wootton Bassett Rail Station copy-Edit small

The station at Wootton Bassett built in 1841. The horse was used for shunting purposes. The building the background is the first Beaufort Arms called the Beaufort Hotel.